10 Tasty Nigerian Dishes You Must Try

10 Tasty Nigerian Dishes You Must Try

Nigerian food is essential to Nigerian culture. It defines the Nigerian people. This is why wherever we find ourselves; we are ready to eat our food daily without being bored one bit. Due to the diversity of Nigerian food recipes, we often have many different ways of preparing one staple food. This meal differs because each ethnic group in Nigeria has their various unique dishes. Below are different types of Nigerian dishes you would love to try out any day:

1 Jollof Rice Jollof rice’s ingredient is never out of sight, it is known as the “TPO” (tomato, pepper and onions). This dish can be customized according to your preference and expected to be served hot. With its pure, flavorful, and delicious taste, it can be eaten at any time of the day.

2 Akara This is also known as bean cakes. The delicious protein-packed fritters are light which makes them ideal for breakfast. Most people use peeled brown beans, blended with onions and fried in vegetable oil. It tastes amazing when eaten with bread.

3 Moi Moi

A vegan dish made out of peeled brown beans, grounded with onions, bell pepper (rodo), palm oil, and spices and wrapped in steamed banana leaves or other vessels. Other ingredients such as, slices of boiled eggs, ground beef and flaked fish can be added. The delicious dish can be used as a side dish for rice for soaked garri, otherwise known as, fermented cassava.


4 Edika-ekong: The dry leafy vegetable soup is a delicacy from, Cross River region of Nigeria. This meal is rich in iron because the greens are a mixture of ugwu (pumpkin leaf) and gbure (waterleaf). Aside from the vegetables, you can make use of meat, fish, stockfish and periwinkles. It can be served with pounded yam, fufu or eba.

5 Ogbono

A soup made from ground ogbono (African mango) seeds with palm oil, stockfish, vegetable (optional) and spices. This soup is usually eaten with eba, fufu, pounded yam or amala. The slippery texture of the food helps the desired swallow go down the throat easier. It is easy to cook and delicious.


6 Banga

The palm fruit-based soup is commonly associated with the Delta region and particularly the Urhobo ethnic group. It includes regional spices and ingredients such as, seafood, meats and palm fruits. The palm fruit, shellfish and meat creates delicious textures and great taste. This soup goes well with starch or eba.


7 Efo Riro

Efo riro also known as “mixed greens”. There is no much goodness behind this rich, fragrant vegetable stew other than, vegetables, bell pepper (rodo), onions, locust beans (iru), dried or smocked fish, pomo and meat. This goes with all kinds of food as it remains a classic Yoruba delicacy.

8 Ila Alasepo

This soup is to be eaten with pounded yam, amala, eba, fufu and every other kind of swallow. Its major quality is the way it “draws”. This is an often spicy one-pot edition of two separate meal components (the okra and the stew), bolstered with lots of assorted cuts of meat and seafood.

9 Ewa Agoyin

This is Nigeria’s hot street food. Ewa is “beans” in Yoruba and “Agoyin” is a reference to the Beninoise people who originated this dish. Ewa Agoyin is a smashed white or brown beans served with a distinctive dark, smoky sauce have a palm oil base, with dried peppers, onions and grounded crayfish. It tastes super delicious.

10 Afang Soup

Afang is a rich soup that got its name from leaves. Due to its rich nutrients and flavours, afang leaves are more bitter and little tougher that the waterleaf but when blended or chopped finely, it creates a lovely texture and taste in the mouth. This special delicacy goes down well with pounded yam, semo, or eba.